What makes the ASTAR  motion analysis software better?

Ease of use! .. there is no other system comparable!

Automatic Capture and replay

  • Swing capture occurs automatically..no hands, ...no start / stop buttons to push.an ASTAR hallmark providing the simplest, fastest video capture process in the industry.
  • The video is immediately available for replay, analysis, and library storage.

No video editing is necessary

  • ASTAR's video "clip" architecture captures and processes only the desired motion
  • Always ready for subsequent use..no need for time consuming editing.

Simple user Interface

  • All the graphic tools, system controls and library selection are on single screen for immediate access
  • A simple "look and feel" makes training easy

Comparative Modeling

  • Video may be captured from any split screen configuration removing the need to revert back to full screen to capture a new swing.
  • Comparing models or prior swings is made easier as the model stays on the screen and synchronizes automatically with each new capture on the replay.

Multiple video camera capture

  • Simultaneously captures video from up to four (4) video cameras
  • Can be digital, or analog or mixed.

Advanced graphics tools are more productive than ever

  • Graphics can be drawn on "live video" or on captured video.. and remain during replay or on a new capture,
  • Graphics will pan and zoom with the video eliminates need to redraw them when moving to split screen.

Voice notes

  • Simply click on "Record Audio" to add voice notes to a recorded video. Voice notes are saved and retrieved with the video and can be exported and transferred to student to be played on my_Trainer student software. Audio can be played independently and can of any length.

Export Videos, Voice notes and Graphics

  • One or multiple videos can be exported to a CD including the added voice notes, graphics and text. 

Measuring tools

  • Velocity and acceleration tools taken directly from the video
  • Tempo tool will measure time between any two selected frames

Simple to Use Library

  • Library has three sections: Camera - for new swings, Models - for your favorites, and Student - for saving student swings.
  • The structure is completely open allowing it to be set up in any way that bests suits the instructor's preference.by gender, club type, camera angle, by student or model name, or simply by "my favorites".
  • Drag and drop operations keeps its simple and fast.

Patented ASTAR IV_pro

  • Ability to create professional lessons for delivery to student via CD/DVd, emailed as attachment or via ASTAR's my_Pro Internet based distance learning system
  • Provides unique ability to insert corrective content ( drills and exercises) and promotionals anywhere within the delivered analysisy session

No tool does more for your teaching, no system does more for your students..


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